Look at all of our delicious delights!

We are always open to new and creative products that will give you another reason to stop by and please your taste buds with quality sweetness! We have Crystal Beach Suckers, sugar waffles and others!

Crystal Beach Sucker
Crystal Beach Suckers

These Suckers are made in Canada with the original recipe and sucker machine from Crystal Beach Amusement Park. The Park closed in 1989 but the suckers live on!

Crystal Beach Sugar Waffles
Crystal Beach Sugar Waffles

These Sugar Waffles are made in Fort Erie using the original recipe from Crystal Beach Amusement Park. These have been available at fairs and events since 1993.

Chocolate Brownies

A fudge-made brownie, which is frosted with chocolate frosting as well . . . a chocolate lovers dream!

Peanut Butter Brownies

This is a very rich brownie, topped with chocolate frosting.